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What is Credit Repair?
It is a term that explains how a credit user can challenge information that they believe to be misleading, inaccurate or unverified on their credit report. By doing so, they will be able to improve a credit score that may have been inaccurate.
What is a Credit Report?
When you want to know your credit score, then you will have a look at your credit report. It is this report that has detailed information on your financial history as well as your behaviour. When you look at it, you will be able to tell how credit worthy that you are.

There is some information that you will immediately notice when you look at your credit report. This includes you name, date of birth, address and employment history. Then, all the lenders that you made applications to will be listed. This shall be followed by a list of all the late payments or defaults that you have, any clear outs, linked files, changes in your names, any bankruptcies and so on.

Your credit report starts being generated the very first time that you apply for credit. The lender lets a credit reporting agency who will generate a credit report.

What are the ways that my credit affects me?
Have you ever been late making a payment on a bill? This is what is called a black mark on your credit report and it means that you have a higher credit risk. This black mark stays in your report, even when you have made the payment on the bill. What happens is that when you are then applying for credit, the lender will go through your credit report hunting for any of these black marks. This will help them make a decision as to whether they should lend you what you are asking for, or decide that it is not worth the risk. With credit repair, you can remove these black marks so that it is easier for you to get credit when you need to.
What will Discount Credit Repair do to help me?
We will go through your credit report in detail and explain exactly what it means to you. Furthermore, we will find the listing that should not be in your report as it is bringing down your credit score. We shall then get in touch with the required party and ensure there is a case for you from beginning to end. We have a team who will negotiate with this credit provider as well as the credit reporting agencies based on your rights so that all the listings that are affecting you can be removed.
Can you guarantee that my credit will turn around?
We can come pretty close to making a guarantee. What we can do for sure is provide you with highly seasoned credit restoration professionals who have vast experience in sorting out all credit issues. Furthermore, we have clients who have been able to improve their finances considerably, and increase their credit scores. We are able to handle all third party agencies on your behalf, letting them know what you request so that the repair can occur smoothly. You are an essential part of the equation, and of our success. All we need from you is as much information as possible and you can trust that a solution shall be given to you.
How Long will it take to see a difference?
Managing or repairing your credit takes some time so do not expect to see results overnight. This is because when we send in the relevant documentation to the credit bureaus, they need to update their files and countercheck with information from other agencies or the creditors. This will typically take a total of 45 days on their end. What is worth noting is that the earlier you give us the necessary information, the faster your credit report will be corrected.
Do I really need to fix my credit?
Yes, you really do. Perhaps the issue with your credit score or report is not your fault, or you have made some bad financial decisions in the past. Your credit score is very important as it affects your ability to manage your finances with ease. Furthermore, you may find that you are paying more than necessary on loan interest, and are unable to gain further access to financial products. Repair your credit and your credit report so that you give the right idea to those whom are giving you credit.
Why Can’t I Just Pay Everything Off?
Choosing to pay off all your debts will be of some help I bringing down your credit issues, though it is not the ultimate solution. When your credit rating has fallen, you need to take some more definitive steps to remove all the negative items that have affected it. This will ensure that they no longer appear on your credit profile.
Can I just do my credit repair on my own?
You certainly can take on your credit repair and go through the process on your own. You will need to ensure that you are well educated on the processes as well as on credit law. There is some information that you can find online that will help to prepare you. The challenge will come in when it comes to getting in touch with creditors and agencies, and then working out some sort of settlement. Even verification of information can prove to be a challenge. We are able to do this on your behalf because we are specialised in it, and understand the system so that there are close to no delays in the process. We know exactly how to negotiate with creditors so that you get the best possible results. Our experts have been working at credit repair for years and understand all the dynamics that are involved. Furthermore, they are diligent and will not settle for just any result.

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