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Privacy Statement – Discount Credit Repair

Our Privacy Statement is meant for all the clients at Discount Credit Repair, for whom privacy is a concern that we take exceptionally seriously. This includes all of our stakeholders including partners, affiliates, and third parties. We ensure that we respect the privacy of any information in our care, and properly manage the way that you share this information with us.

This privacy policy has been provided to you to ensure that you understand how much we care to protect your personal information. We are able to change this policy at any time without notice. We are committed to abiding by privacy laws. In this statement, we describe how we manage our stakeholder whenever they are on our website, or any other medium that we use for communication.


When you give us your personal information, you are also providing us with consent to collect it, use it, disclose and retain it within our company and any of our partners, affiliates, nominees, partners and third parties (referred to as us and we). This is in line with our Privacy Statement as it is permitted by the relevant laws. You are at liberty to pull back your consent at any time, as long as you are within the relevant legal and contractual restrictions. You also need to give a reasonable amount of notice. Should you withdraw from our services, you may also be limited in additional interactions and transactions from our affiliates, nominees, third parties and partners.

Non-Personal Information

We also collect some non personal identification from users who visit our website. This type of information may include the name of your browser, the computer that you are using and any additional technical information that can be collected in connection to our website. We also make use of cookies on this website to make sure that the user experience meets expected standards. This makes it possible for us to keep records and also to track information for a better user experience. As a user, you can decide that you do not want to use cookies as well as to let the user know when the cookies are being sent. If as a user, you choose not to allow cookies, you may find that there are parts of the website that do not function as expected.

How do we Keep Your Information Safe?

To keep your information safe, we adopt excellent practices when it comes to collecting data, storage of data as well as processing of information. We also put security in place to offer protection against access that is not authorized. Furthermore, we make sure that the data cannot be altered, destroyed and there is minimum disclosure of your personal information, passwords, usernames, information on transactions and more. The communication on this website is SSL secured ensuring that it is encrypted as well as protected with a range of digital signatures.

You can trust that your information is safe with us as we do not sell, rent or trade anything that could personally identify you with others. In the event that we do share some information, we make sure that it is generic in nature and mainly demographic. This ensures that it is not linked to any of your personal information and how you make use of our webite. Some of our providers are third party service providers as this makes it easier for us to operate our business more effectively. This means that you may be sent some surveys as well as newsletters. Once you have given us your permission, we might share some information with third parties for limited purposes only.

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